Coolest Guy In Naperville IL
Coolest Guy In Naperville IL


Have you ever wondered “Who is the coolest guy in Naperville?” Well the answer is here! Meet Brandon Hinkle… Brandon grew up right here in the Naperville area in a bordering town called Woodridge. It was there that the 35 year old guru at everything became so cool…

LMAO! You f*ckers love me and you know it! 😜

Anyways I am a 35 year old dude trying to make it through this messed up thing we call life. To be honest, I’m pretty cool and pretty confident that I am the coolest guy in Naperville, but that’s only when the miniature version of me isn’t around because honestly he is MUCH cooler… In fact I like to call him to coolest dude in the Nation!Β 

My Son, Brody, lives in Ohio. At an early age he was diagnosed with Autism and at age 9 he is still what they label “Non-verbal” he doesn’t form words but it’s crazy because he isn’t anti-social at all! He has absolutely no problem socializing as we have created our own language.. so we connect on a mental level like you wouldn’t believe! I have learned so much from the little guy and owe the man that I am today solely to him! He has taught me so much about life and relationships. He is the REAL MVP! Shout out to Brody!


Future Operator

As for me, I am a 35 year old internet marketer that keeps himself busy doing several things. 3 seasons out of the year I spend trying to build my business which is a steam cleaning company. Basically I clean carpets, sofas, tile & grout, pressure wash concrete and houses, and do basement flood clean up & restoration. In the winter months I plow snow and have a couple other things that get me by as well.

All The Single Ladies…

Wanna date? Sweet! You should know some things, honestly I know what I want out of life. I would one day like to find a woman who is supportive in my goals and willing to build a REAL relationship. This means we actually get to know each other… my biggest pet peeve is when a woman says “I am not into small talk..” Like what does that even mean? Is this code for “let’s just f*ck?” If so, ya’ll bishes need jesus! Lol no for real though, small talk is how you get to know someone… If you don’t have time, don’t pursue a relationship. Also, in the perfect case scenario I would like to have another child in the future, if this is something you are against it probably isn’t even worth pursuing. With all that being said, know that I am far from a finished product, I AM a work in progress but I am finally on the right track and have the right people in my corner.. I feel like the only thing missing is a good woman. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t even be trying to date but it is kind of nice to dream that maybe there is someone out there who was willing to accept me at a low point.. If not, that’s fine too.. I’ve spent enough time alone that I think I am pretty cool and have no problem hanging out with me! AAnnnnnnd that’s about all on the coolest guy in Naperville.